NSOROMMA is currently curated by Hawa Y. Mire and Luam Kidane.

Luam Kidane is an African communications strategist, curator and writer. Luam's research, writing and work examines contemporary African movement building at the intersections of communications, decolonial aesthetics, Indigenous governance models, arts, articulations of self-determination, and media.

Hawa Y Mire is a diasporic Somali storyteller and writer who focuses on themes of Blackness and Indigeniety, (dis)connection and (un)belonging. Her writing is seated somewhere between oral tradition and the written word, celestial and myth, past and present, ancestry and spirit. An MES candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, her research incorporates traditional Somali stories with discourses of constructed identity while pulling from archival histories of resistance and radical curatorial practises.

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